I Buy St. Charles, MO Houses Needing Work

Who Pays Cash for Houses-Call Sandra with First Freedom Properties at (636)856-3358! Do you have a house you dont want? Need to sell quickly & want cash? Thats where Sandra with First Freedom Properties can help you now. We understand people find themselves in situations with homes they no longer want and need to get rid of quickly. Homes that have damage or need repairs, homes inherited from an out of town relative, maybe there are back taxes or liens you cant afford, did the owners go into a nursing home and family left with a house that you cant keep? We understand everyones situation is different and we are here to help. Sandra is a local Real Estate Investor in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas that specializes in problem properties. She is also a licensed agent in Missouri so she knows how to safely, legally, and easily help you get your home sold fast without all the hassle that can come along with putting your house on the market. Fast, Cash offers mean no cleaning; you can even leave unwanted items like furniture behind. The best part no fees or commissions for you! Our Buyers pay us you dont! Call today (636)856-3358!I Buy St. Charles, MO Houses Needing Work