Ocoee fl homes for sale

321-436-5463 Harry Bing of Re/max 200 Realty is always looking for innovative ways to serve up real estate in central Florida. That could be why he has been on the radio for over 18 years, educating, encouraging and enlightening people about real estate. Catch Him every Friday morning at 7:45 on 1680am on the radio dial. If banks use auctions, why shouldn’t’ we use auctions to sell houses. Well with a few variations to become more consumer friendly we bring the auction platform to Orlando. First with our auctions you get to see the property or house before you bid. Next there are no large upfront fees required to enter the bidding process with our auction process. No more coming back asking for your highest and best, you get to give that right up to the end of the auction. We then decided to let the winning bid, as decided by the seller, use the standard Far Bar contract and inspection process to further protect the buyer. Harry and his team auction aim to add transparency to the process and give sellers another option for getting top dollar for their homes and giving buyer the clear transparency, they’ve always wanted. With auctions the buyers know what the other offer is and how to respond. Agents can negotiate their commissions to their deemed worth. Harry and Bing Home Advisory Group are here to serve all Central Florida. Come an see it all at the open house on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th.Ocoee fl homes for sale