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Call, and or Text, Sam Silver at 6614187325 visit at eXp Realty we are making real estate fun again CalDRE 01412755. Attract Interested Buyers By preparing your home for the market, you increase your chances of attracting interested buyers. When they see that your house is ready for purchase and they will not have much, if any, upkeep work to do themselves, they will be more likely to ask for a showing. A well-maintained house also means that people who buy it can build equity of their own sooner. Sell Faster When you draw in interested buyers, you make it more likely that you will sell your house faster. A house that sits on the market for weeks or months on end is expensive and inconvenient. You can sell faster by getting your house ready for listing and showing. Buyers will see that they can move in quickly and be ready to start their lives in the new home. They will be more likely to put in an offer when they can picture themselves living there rather than picturing doing repairs. Make the House Safer By taking the extra steps to get your house ready for listing today, you actually make your home safer for people who visit it. You are more likely to take notice of repairs you may have been neglecting, such as tacking down loose carpeting or tightening hinges on doors. These little fixes will go a long way in improving the safety and appeal of your house..