A-Team – In 2006 a team of elite real estate experts was assembled in San Antonio Texas to help educate consumers about home buying and selling then navigate them through the process, avoiding pitfalls and ultimately saving money, saving time and having a successful transaction! In 2018 these experts became known as…. The A-Team!! Alyse Elayne “The Face”… Code Name: Momma Bear She is very protective of her clients and will hold your hand and walk you through the whole process. You will often times find her roaming the mean streets of subdivision or at a local happy hour! You can reach her at 210-857-9615. Kim aka “Back Office”… Code Name: The Asset She is the glue that works seamlessly and tirelessly behind the scenes and keeps our team held together. Jacob… Code Name: The Jay He is quick with a joke to lighten the mood and he specializes in helping military, veterans and rugby players. If you have a real estate problem– if you want to buy and if you want to sell… maybe you can hire… The A-Team