Best Agent in Capo Beach CA

Best Agent in Capo Beach CA – Call Lou Sanderson 949-682-5632 – Determining the value of a house takes skill and if you have that skill you can determine the value of a house in any location. Value has many components like location and all the factors that add or subtract from that. Value has to do with condition of the house, has it been newly renovated? Is the house been poorly maintained? We have investors that will purchase it and bring it up to a standard whereby a buyer can get financing on it? Finally, what are your needs as the seller? Do you need to get the property sold quickly to settle the estate, rent the property, or are you willing to do what is necessary to bring the property to an open market for top dollar? We have experience in real estate sales, negotiation, property management, investment property, construction, rehabilitating properties. We also purchase houses to rehab and resell or hold as rentals. What matters to you matters to us!